Vinyl Banner Repurposed


Rated: Slightly difficult, worth the time
Materials needed: A highchair, an unused banner destined for the garbage can, needle and thread and/or sewing machine, and about two hours of time to kill

    20120727-200530.jpg<br /
    My high chair was a yardsale find and I really liked the cushion
    but it was all cracked with age 20120727-200617.jpg

    I took the pads off…20120727-200629.jpg

    And this is the banner I inherited. Ask around local small businesses if you’re in need of a banner

    I tore off the old vinyl and used the boards as a template for cutting my new vinyl. Traced and cut out20120727-200709.jpg

    Don’t forget the edge strip.20120727-200728.jpg


    When sewing the vinyl edges together, take time to make sure that you are sewing the backside together. I messed up and had to take my thread out and redo it. The idea is that by sewing it inside out, that when you flip it right side out that the lines are super clean with no visible thread. I recommend reinforcing the thread by making a couple passes through the sewing machine, especially in the corners.20120727-200831.jpg

    So this is what the put together pieces would look like. There is ONE piece not sewed shut, if you sew it shut, you won’t be able to get your cushion in!! 😀 Luckily this did not happen to me but it was definitely a possibility.20120727-200848.jpg

    Now man handle it so that the pretty side is seen.20120727-200907.jpg

    Time to put the cushion back in and hand stitch it shut. I chose to have my hand stitch facing the back of the high chair so you wouldn’t really see it.20120727-200935.jpg

    Hard parts over! Time to put it back where it belongs.20120727-200953.jpg

    And there you have it, totally unique highchair that I got for $5 and actually saved me spending $18 at the fabric store.


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